Your Style

I'm not the type of person who has to have the latest thing just because it's what everyone else has. From my days of truly weird clothing choices in high school (my memory recalls a polyester housedress covered with jungle animals, which I wore with silver Dr. Martens), to more basic pieces now (jeans, tees, boots), I find it much more important to wear what I really love. I select products for Valentine Footwear that are fun & functional, on-trend, but not just trendy. There are endless brands that offer well-made, comfortable-yet-cute shoes, and that's what I like to find.

Maine shoppers love versatile footwear--why spend good money on a pair of shoes that goes with just one outfit? The pieces I receive the most enjoyment from wearing (and the most compliments on) are the ones that go with many different looks. There's no reason to let someone else define your style, but we'd love to help you find what works for you. Our brands and products change often as we are constantly researching new items to bring into the shop.