Our Story

Not everyone grows up with a father who owns an entire closet of western boots. Then again, not everyone grows up in the back of an independent shoe store. My childhood smells like shoe leather and cardboard boxes. It's not such a bad memory.

My first job as a teenager was as a Saturday "runner" for the shop, pulling shoe boxes to bring to busy salesmen. I also provided the important duties of lunch delivery and coffee procurement. It was an interesting first peek into my family's business.

After college, shoes were on my feet, but not on my mind. After working in several fields (including back at the family's store), I started attending shoe trade shows with my father and loved it. A few years of plotting and scheming later, the idea of bringing a women's footwear boutique to downtown Bangor became a reality. The enthusiasm for quality products and local business in this area is really wonderful, and I am so excited to be a part of it!

-Summer Allen